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Products Offered
  • PU Color Pastes
  • Foam Colors
  • Coloring Pigments
  • Mold Release Agents
  • PU Binder
  • Foam Colors
  • PU Lacquer
  • Mold Cleaners
  • IMC
    Industrial Sectors and Applications

    In Furniture Industry
    • For PU Slab-stock Foam
      • PU Colorants
      • Silicon Sprays for cutting blades
    • For Molded Foam, Molded Cushion, Pillows, Head-rests
      • Release Agents
    • For Arm-Rests, Integral Skin Foam
      • Release Agents
      • PU Colorants
    In Automotive Industry
    • For PU Integral Skin like Steering Wheels, Gear Knobs, Arm Rest
      • PU Colorants
      • Mold Release Agents
      • In Mold Coatings
    • For Molded Foam, Car Seats, Head Rests
      • Mold Release Agents
      • Sliding/ Anti-squeak/ Anti-noise Agent.
    • For PU NVH Components
      • PU Colorants (specially Black Color)
      • Mold Release Agents
    • For PU Filters
      • PU Colorants
      • Mold Release Agents
    In Footwear Industry
    • For PU Shoe Sole, Casual Footwear, Unit Sole, PU Chappals and Sandals
      • Mold Release Agent (high shine)
      • PU Dosing Colorants available in all shades as per REACH Norms for Export purpose.
      • Black Pigments (best in class, lowest consumption)
      • PU lacquers
    • For Safety Footwear
      • Mold Release Agents
      • PU Colorants
    In CAST Elastomers
    • For PU Wheels, Floaters, PU Casted Sheets, etc
      • Full range of PU Colorants, customized shades available too.
      • Mold Release Agents
    For Re-bonded Foam and Rubber Tiles
    • PU Binder (MDI Based pre-polymer) for Re-bonded Foam and Rubber Tiles.
    For PU Insulation Industry like Insulation Foam and Puff Panels.
    • PU Colorants
    • Mold Release Agents.

    Most Popular Products
    PU Color Paste
    IMC For Shoe Sole
    PU Binder
    Release Agents for PU Furniture